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Alamako International (Alamako) is a company located in Guinea Conakry, it was founded in 2005 and currently has three (3) exceptional gold prospects located in the known Guinean mining basin of Siguiri ( Kouroussa and Siguiri).

We are country partner of The Golden Rule Limited and Ressource mining.

Our activities

Gold Mining

Alamako has acquired a gold permit located in Kouroussa and Siguiri. These area have potentials for gold and other important minerals associated. A concentration of three to twenty-three grams per tonne was found by other companies such as SMD and SAG in that area.


Our long experience in logistic has led us to the managing position with our partners The Golden Rule Limited and Resource Mining. 

The current trend of changes in global business is highlighting the importance of logistics in the development of Third World business and industries. Literature reveals that many of these Third World nations lack logistics facilities; the task of developing a good logistics system in these nations is quite challenging. Attempts to understand these challenges by looking at the republic of Guinea as new entrant from the Third World in the globalization race. Based on a survey of the country’s logisticians, identifies five broad challenges facing logistics development in Guinea and proposes a model that integrates efforts of, and inputs from, four sources to solve these problems. Argues that the proposed model is also adaptable in other developing nations.

Ceo Cheick Traore

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